Deadlines & Emergency Work

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High quality and reliability of service are requirements Nos.1 and 2 respectively. The customer needs to be 100% sure to receive the required services on time and in full.

When entering into a website support agreement we usually reserve the term of 24 hours for publishing new materials on the website.

However, we perfectly understand that the customer may impose unexpected deadlines – for example, in case when a promotional event page should be posted literally right away, since tomorrow it will become irrelevant.

Accordingly, we organize our work in a manner allowing to ensure feasibility of prompt posting the necessary materials or performing other urgent work ordered by the customer at the right moment.

Stand by: our continuous availability

It is also clear that the volume of tasks performed may vary significantly: during one month we may have less tasks, while during another – much more.

And we are ready for this.

Our ultimate quality and maximum performance efficiency, stable administration, continuous communication with customers and reliable service have been proved by years of successful work. The trust of our valued customers is the best evidence.

Please contact us for a free of charge consultation as to potential options of your website comprehensive support.

Result-oriented performance

The cost of InSite services is determined by two key factors – customer task and scope of effort required to achieve the desired result.
You can save your time and money exactly due to your website competent management. Upon reviewing the situation we will offer you the best solution balanced by "your costs/your profits" criteria. The general pattern of work is quite simple: we get to understand your business – to determine the proper solution – to effectively implement it. This is exactly how InSite works.