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Effective naming (i.e. choice of company or brand name) is nowadays closely related to selection of the appropriate domain.

After all, if a company plans to create its storefront (website) in the virtual world and especially if it plans to carry out efficient online business activity,  the issue of searching and registering the appropriate domain name is of paramount importance.

What do effective naming and domain imply?

The best domain for a corporate website would be a short, eloquent and easy-to-remember name thematically associated with the business. The name should reproduce the name of the corporate website in the principal domain extension.

Which domain name is good and which is bad?

A perfect domain name must meet several requirements:

  • to be short;
  • to match company or brand name;
  • to be easily written in Latin letters (no complex letter combinations such as zh, sch, etc.);
  • to contain no dash.

Which domain extension is the best?

The best domain extensions for corporate websites are the "old" classic first level extensions. For operating in the global international market or in Ukraine this would be com extension. In certain (but not always!) cases extensions org and net could be recommended.

For operating exclusively in the Ukrainian market the best option would be ua extension, however it is unavailable for free registration (it requires trade mark legal registration first).

As regards free registration, the best option would be extension, while for local markets –,, etc. In most cases, and extensions are significantly worse. The following are bad options as well:, укр, su,, etc.

In some cases, a good option would be domain selection with such extensions as info, eu, fm, bar and some others. However, as regards landing pages the requirements to domain name selection are much lower.

A good example:

InSite operates using a short, easy-to-write and company name matching domain with extension..:-)

What are the benefits of InSite services?

We specialize in online naming and selection of good website names. We will help you avoid a situation when you pay a big sum of money to a creative agency which finds a super-creative name receiving super-feedback from the focus group, but eventually it turns  out the name is not supported by the appropriate domain extension...

How to select appropriate domain in Ukraine or worldwide?

We apply such methods as intelligent search, linguistic analysis and keyword search, whereas also analyse the database of registered domains with expiring  registration term.

How to purchase a taken domain name?

You can purchase an already taken domain name, in case it is owned by a so-called squatter – a profit-seeking reseller registering potentially popular domain names with a view to resell them for big money. The selling price of such domains exceeds nominal one by dozen times at least.

Please contact us for a free of charge consultation as to potential options and cost of domain selection.

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How much does website naming cost?

The price for domain selection and registration services ranges from EUR 50 to 400 depending on the particular task complexity.


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Result-oriented performance

The cost of InSite services is determined by two key factors – customer task and scope of effort required to achieve the desired result.
You can save your time and money exactly due to your website competent management. Upon reviewing the situation we will offer you the best solution balanced by "your costs/your profits" criteria. The general pattern of work is quite simple: we get to understand your business – to determine the proper solution – to effectively implement it. This is exactly how InSite works.